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Getting Started

Medivisha offers display advertising opportunities that are designed to showcase your brand to our customers - both on and off of

How It Works

Seller can upload the Products For the Advertisement.
seller will be charged for the selected plan For the advertisement.
There are three plans available.

1) Premium Plan
2) Gold Plan
3) Silver Plan

The Description of each Plan is given to the Pricing Details.


Premium Plan
Rs.20,000 /month
Gold Plan
Rs.12,500 /month
Silver Plan
Rs.5,000 /month
  • Advertisement all the pages of Healthcare Equipment
  • No limit on Category and Brand search
  • PPC @ inr.25 and one time payment - Inr. 20,000/month and 2,00,000/year option
  • 25 time change in AD
  • Ad are displayed at side bottom space
  • Bottom Footer
  • Special category top of the Display page
  • 12 sec ad refresh time
  • 50% off for the exhibition lead
  • Advertisement on 5 selected category and 5 brand selection pages
  • PPC @ Inr. 15 and one time payment - 12,500/month and 1,00,000/ year option
  • 15 time ad change
  • Ad are displayed at side bottom space
  • Bottom Footer
  • 8 sec ad refresh time
  • 35% off for the exhibition lead
  • Advertisement on 1 selected category and 1 brand selection page
  • PPC @ Inr.5 and onetime payment – 5000/month and 50,000/Year option
  • 5 time ad change
  • 5 sec ad refresh time
  • Bottom Footer
  • Ad are displayed at side bottom space
  • 20% off for the Exhibition lead
*Note: He can change the ad to respective package specification and his ad remain on site for


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